Geriatric physiotherapy

Visie, behandeling, individuele training en groepstraining


Ageing is accompanied by diminishing capacities, in particular physical capacities. This is the primary domain of the physiotherapist. It is not just the muscles and joints: our senses and the functionality of our organs also deteriorate, whether or not you suffer from illness. Geriatric physiotherapy is characterised by the fact that the problems faced are often complex because multiple problems exist at the same time. These may also be of a social, mental or psychiatric nature. As such, it is highly likely that you will not just require help from the physiotherapist, but other practitioners as well. This isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, cooperation is essential. This is why your geriatric physiotherapist will strive to achieve this.

The most important element of the treatment will be the training of the physical capacities. Based on questions, questionnaires, measurements and observations, a suitable treatment plan will be agreed with you. It helps if you have a referral, because then we have the data your GP is working with on paper. This includes other complaints, illnesses, surgical interventions and any medication being taken.

Individual training

Muscle strength training is very important. Without muscle strength, you cannot be independent. This is because without muscle strength, you can’t move: you can’t go to the shops for groceries; you can’t get out of bed at home; you can’t walk from the living room to the bathroom to wash or to go to the toilet. Cooking, cleaning, etc. also require muscle strength. If you want to get better and are prepared to train, you can always start muscle strength training, even if you have never done it before. This is because we train day-to-day activities, if necessary at home.

Group training

For older people who are able to train in the gym, we have group lessons in Sportcity Gym Waterlooplein. These are floor exercises for muscle strength and flexibility for the whole body. These lessons are called 50-Fit. To take part, you must be a member of SportCity Amsterdam Waterlooplein. See the SportCity website Look in the App of this club for the current times or inquire at the desk.

Fall prevention training

For older people experiencing problems with falling, we have two types of group training. For those who are still mobile but nevertheless experience fall incidents, we have InBalance training. The lessons are led by Tanja Lith. See the Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt website

For the somewhat vulnerable elderly there is the Otago program. This program is not only for groups, but also given individually.

For a geriatric-physiotherapeutic analysis of the fall problem you can contact me. I make a report of that analysis for the referrer. In addition, I will draw up an exercise program for you.

Specific patient groups


I am particularly interested in Parkinson’s Disease. I often attend international conferences on this subject, and I am a member of ParkinsonNet.

ParkinsonNet has one goal: to guarantee you the best care if you suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.

Gertrud Pijnenburg and Tanja Lith are both members of ParkinsonNet.

In the Amsterdam network, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other paramedical professionals work together at stadsdeel (district) level. The departments of neurology at the OLVG Oost/West and AMC hospitals are our most important partners. At national level, the network is coordinated by Radboudumc in Nijmegen, under the leadership of Prof Bastiaan Bloem and Dr Marten Munneke.

Characteristics of ParkinsonNet

  • The patient is a partner in the decision-making process
  • The patient’s quality of life is paramount
  • Dialogue keeps professionals alert
  • Continuing education is compulsory
  • Physiotherapy in accordance with the up-to-date European Directive

By choosing ParkinsonNet, you choose better Parkinson’s care. You can rely on professionals who support one another in caring for you as their patient.

For information you can call: 020-6225477. If necessary, feel free to leave a message. I’ll call back as soon as possible.

You can also send an e-mail:

Chronisch ZorgNet

For those suffering from “intermittent claudication” (claudicatio intermittens), I am a member of Chronisch ZorgNet. This means I can help you with these complaints, and the treatment is covered by health insurers.

Chronisch ZorgNet therapists offer supervised walking therapy to patients with PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease, i.e. “intermittent claudication”), and they stand out thanks to the support they offer patients in gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The quality of treatment is guaranteed by a set of additional quality standards that Chronisch ZorgNet therapists comply with. This allows us to offer the best conservative care to every patient in the Netherlands with PAD.

For information you can call: 0206225477. If necessary, feel free to speak a message. I’ll call back as soon as possible.

You can also send an e-mail: