Gertrud stops treating, but remains active behind the scenes

Friday, November 4 is the last day I will treat patients.
As of Monday 7 November, I will stop doing that, but in the background I will remain active in practice.
I continue to perform management tasks, give guest lectures and I remain available for consultations.
For the time being, Tanja will continue to carry out the treatments in practice. In addition to all general physiotherapeutic questions, she is there for neurological disorders, especially Parkinson’s, and she gives fall prevention group and individual lessons.

It was nice to be able to treat you all, I loved doing it for 45 years.
And now it’s enough.
I thank everyone for the trust that has been placed in me.

Gertrud Pijnenburg Physiotherapist,
MSc Physiotherapy in Geriatrics.


Welcome to the practice of Gertrud Pijnenburg Physiotherapy.

You have approached me due to a health issue for which you believe that physiotherapy is required. You are an older person, and you may suffer from multiple complaints or multiple impairments. You would like to be treated in a way that takes account of all these problems.

Together with you, I will carry out an analysis of the problem or problems. I will talk with you, and I may use a questionnaire. I will carry out a movement analysis by testing you; this will involve a physical examination. I will then summarise the probable cause of the problem, the current situation, and what we (you and I together) can do about it. 

The practice is part of Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt. For more information about the whole team, please see

For information you can call: 020-6225477. If necessary, feel free to leave a message. I’ll call back as soon as possible.

You can also send an e-mail:

Insurance and private rates

I assume that you are already aware whether this is covered by your (health) insurance. Our practice has signed contracts with all insurers for 2022.

If you are covered, the rates determined by your insurer apply. I will submit a claim directly to your insurer. If you are not covered, the private rates apply. Please see the Fysioteam Nieuwmarkt site for these rates.